Florida Keys Television TV88

TV88 Florida Keys Television is a cloud which archives videos we and other locals have produced over the years. From the Florida Keys Television cloud, our programming is able to be viewed at The Marathon Cinema, where we play our daily program “The Marathon Florida Show”, on affiliated cable channels throughout the U.S., and on the television sets using a TV88 DeVice™.

TV88 is the Official Videographer for many of the annual events organized by our non-profits in the Keys.

Aside from most of the different social media platforms, “The Marathon Florida Show” and the other TV88 Florida Keys Television programming can be viewed at these places:
1) at “The Marathon Cinema”


2) on a TV88 DeVice™ installed on television sets
at Vacation Rental Properties, in hotel rooms and local businesses meeting areas.
The TV88 DeVice™ can be installed on any television set in the U.S.

3) on MarathonFlorida.com
and its hundred related Florida Keys on-line directories

We developed a device called the TV88 DeVice™, which when installed on a television set, will play “The Marathon Florida Show”.


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